Terms + Conditions


Heritage Barn Co.

Policies and Expectations

Thank you for choosing the Heritage Barn Co. (previously the Barn at Town Corners) as your event venue. Whatever kind of event you are hosting our first priority is the success of your event as well as the safety for your guests. This packet outlines the basic rules and expectations for the Barn. Please read prior to your event and refer to this throughout your event to ensure proper use of the venue. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Rob DeVerna
Manager, Heritage Barn Co.
4701 W. Stony Lake Rd. New, Era, MI 49446

The Basics (aka boring but important stuff)

  1. Rental Time: Each rental has a specific agreed upon rental time. Please refer to your contract to what that timing is.

    1. On decoration day, premises must be vacated by 11pm locked up with lights turned off.

    2. The party and amplified noise must conclude by 11pm the night of the event leaving plenty of time for cleanup.

    3. Cleanup should be completed the night of the event and premises vacated by midnight (12am). Item pickup can be scheduled for following day with approval of Heritage Barn Co staff. Refer to cleanup checklist for cleanup responsibilities. Failure to abide by agreed rental time may result in loss of damage deposit.

  2. Payment of Fees: The balance of the facility fee (less the reservation deposit), any additional service or equipment rental fees and the refundable damage deposit are due 30 days before the event.

    1. The damage deposit will be returned, without interest, within 10 days after the completion of the use of the Premises. Heritage Barn Co. has the right to deduct from the damage deposit for losses sustained or amounts owed by the User.

  3. Termination: User may terminate their agreement by giving written notice not less than 180 days in advance of the event date and shall be entitled to a full refund of the site and amenities fees and deposits paid. If User terminates their agreement less than 180 days before event, User shall forfeit the reservation deposit paid. If User terminates their agreement less than 30 days before event, User shall forfeit all monies paid other than the refundable damage deposit, which will be returned within 10 days of cancellation.

  4. Indemnification: User agrees to indemnify and hold Heritage Barn Co., its officers, representatives, employees, agents, assigns and self - insurance pool harmless from and against claims, causes of actions, damages, liability, loss or costs (including reasonable attorney’s fees) of every kind and nature whatsoever, which directly or proximately result from or which are caused by any act or omission of the User or any of its officers, agents, employees, representatives, assigns, guests, patrons, or invitees, or by their use or occupation of the premises pursuant to the Agreement.

  5. Insurance: Recommended, but not required. User understands that the insurance policy held by Heritage Barn Co. does not cover the user from liability and is recommended the User carry their own event rider.

  6. Rates: Rates are subject to review and change annually. Existing contracts will be honored with the rates that were in effect when the agreement was signed until the expiration of that contract. If an existing contract wishes to change to a date that has a different rate the User will be responsible for the difference in price.

  7. Expiration of Authorization: Immediately upon the expirations of the User’s authorization to use the premises, User shall forthwith and without further notice or demand redeliver possession of the premises to Heritage Barn Co. With the exception of ordinary wear and tear, possession of the premises shall be redelivered in good and clean condition and repair as before User’s use thereof. User shall be responsible for any damage occurring to or about the premises, or any property of Heritage Barn Co. located within the premises, which arises from or during use of the premises. In the event such damage is not covered by the damage deposit and/or insurance User shall pay for such damages within 10 days after the receipt of the invoice itemizing the damage.

  8. Assignment: No assignment of User’s rights under the Agreement shall be made by User without the prior written consent of Heritage Barn Co. management, which consent may be withheld in the management’s sole and absolute discretion.

  9. Food and Beverage: User may provide any and all food and beverage throughout the use.

    1. Food: Outside catering or self done food is allowed. No leftover food may be left on site after the expiration of authorization for use of venue.

    2. Use of Kitchen: User understands kitchen is a warming and serving kitchen only.

    3. Beverage: Outside alcohol is allowed to be brought in by User.

      1. A safe serve trained bartender is recommend for service of alcohol.

      2. If containers that are prone to leak or create condensation (ex. Kegs/coolers) must be placed on a tarp/cloth combination to ensure moisture is not staining or causing damage to lower level ceiling.

      3. No cash bars are allowed unless a proper alcohol permit is obtained from the town/state. User will also abide by all Michigan Liquor Laws.

  10. Pre-Event Activities: At least 30 days prior to event, User shall provide Heritage Barn Co. staff with a full and detailed description of planned activities, schedule, and needs from Heritage Barn Co. facilities and staff.

  11. Setup/Breakdown: User is responsible for setup and breakdown of  premises including but not limited to; tables and chairs, decorations, items rented or borrowed from facility, and items brought by User or Vendors. All items used/borrowed/rented from Heritage Barn Co. will be expected to be returned to the proper storage areas at the conclusion of the rental period. Please refer to cleanup checklist for a more detailed account of expected cleaning.

    1. Dance Floor: restricted to southeast corner (this is the best area with support).

    2. If expected attendance is over 200 guests, User will provide a portable toilet.

    3. No on-site trash disposal is provided. All trash will be removed from premises by User.

    4. Cleaning checklist will be filled out and signed by User or designated representative. Please leave notes on checklist that we should know about.

  12. Additional Conditions:

    1. The Barn is a NON-smoking facility. No smoking within 10 feet of buildings. Cigarette receptacles will be provided outside of each door.

    2. NO staples or tape are allowed. Small nails, tacks, pins are allowed but User is responsible for removing completely.

    3. Candles are allowed if used in an enclosed container such as a lantern or vase.

    4. Fireworks are only allowed with permission of Heritage Barn Co. management.

    5. No playing in crop fields.

    6. Straw bales are allowed with permission of Heritage Barn Co. management and must be cleaned up fully and removed from premises after use.

    7. During event keep double doors unlocked.

    8. Parking: Three sided of the building can be used for parking. North lower level, East grassy field, West grassy field to fence. NO PARKING south side.

    9. User understands that from upper level of the Barn, handicap access to the restrooms (located on lower level) must be made by exiting the building and re-entering from lower level.

    10. It is the responsibility of User and their guests to supervise children.

Barn Use Information
This information is to help you throughout the use of the venue. Refer to this or the on-site barn manual for questions on how to use items or where they can be found.

Doors: The double doors on the south side of the building must remain unlocked during the event. Main level north side doors must have screen and safety railing in place if opened (refer to barn manual onsite on steps to open this door).

Breaker Boxes: There are 2 breaker boxes. One in the lower mechanical room by the bathrooms and the other on the main floor on the west side of the barn under the loft.
Upper Box controls most of the upper level and a couple of downstairs circuits.
Lower Box controls lower circuits and some upstairs.

Exhaust fan switch on upper level. Above the breaker box on upper level.
NE Yard Light switch: NE corner upper level about 8ft high. Automatic light.
SW Exterior Flood light: Plug in under light on outside wall, at location.
Lights for steps: upper level, right side of south doors.

Restroom supplies are located in kitchen storage closet.
-toilet paper, paper towel, soap, plunger, bathroom cleaner.
Cleaning supplies are located in kitchen storage closet.
-sprays, sponges, paper towel, etc.
Trash Liners are located in kitchen storage closet.
Mop bucket and brooms are located in lower level mechanical room.

Fire Extinguishers:
Kitchen, Mechanical Room, and upper level.